Thunder Road - Voices from the Cape Wrath Trail


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Thunder Road - Voices from the Cape Wrath Trail, features portrait and landscape images made while walking the trail in May 2021, alongside the personal testimonies of those photographed, both visitor and resident.

The 240 mile Cape Wrath Trail begins in Fort William and ends on the most north westerly point of Scotland. It has a reputation as Britain’s toughest long-distance walk, something that photographer and writer David Lintern was keen to investigate with the work;

“There’s a lot of romanticism and machismo associated with these big walks, but the trail is far more than any individual effort to complete it. It’s a complex web of old paths and stories that connect us to the past and to each other in the present.

"I spoke with both locals and hikers about their experiences in the Highlands, post lockdown. They told me about their need to reconnect with nature and themselves, about the pressures of modern tourism, and personal stories of community and migration. It was a humbling journey because of the people I met, not just the miles traveled.”

The book’s title, Thunder Road, pays homage to the famous Bruce Springsteen song, which was in turn borrowed from a 1950’s Robert Mitchum film of the same name. David said, “Both the song and the film are evocations of another western myth, places shown to be more complex and multi-storied than their natural beauty might initially suggest".

The book will be a small run edition printed at Wells of Bath, signed by the author, and ALL proceeds will be donated to the refugee efforts currently underway in Ukraine and Afghanistan, via Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).

This 76 page publication measures 220 x190mm in size and will be dispatched by the end of August/start of September 2022.